Tips for enjoying the spring, whether it brings flowers or showers 

Spring has finally arrived, and we’re looking forward to warmer days, budding flowers and spending time in the sunshine. It’s time to embrace the return of the chirping birds and longer days of sunlight. 

Whether this season brings flowers or showers, here are just a few things that you and your loved ones can do this season: 

  • There is nothing like having fresh-picked vegetables or flowers right on hand. Garden boxes are a cheap purchase and a convenient way to brighten up your living space.  
  • Begin taking daily walks outdoors. Cloverland Park has courtyards and walking trails so that you and your loved ones can spend quality time together, while taking in some extra vitamin D. 
  • Spring into a new hobby this season. Cloverland Park offers the Vibrant Life® program, designed to enhance and enrich your life. 
  • Attend local farmers’ markets and events around the area. Our community provides free, scheduled transportation to get you to various locations around town. 
  • Prepare for some spring cleaning, without the hassle of doing it. Our staff will assist with your housekeeping chores, giving you the extra time you want during the day. 

Last “bud” not least, Cloverland Park is wishing you a healthy and happy month.