How To Choose Cat Friendly Living Room Furniture In Your Senior Homes

Youll be well rewarded for spending under the budget

As we age and settle into our senior homes, our furry companions become even more cherished. Cats, with their companionship and comfort, can be a source of joy for residents during their golden years. However, it’s important to ensure that the living room furniture is not only comfortable for your loved ones but also cat-friendly. In this guide, we’ll explore … Read More

10 Benefits Of Aging At Retirement Apartments Near Brentwood, TN

Woman Visiting Senior Mother at Home

Nestled amidst serene landscapes and buzzing with vibrant community life, retirement apartments near Brentwood, TN, offer a balanced blend of leisure, comfort, and active living. However, as aging becomes a primary concern for many, finding the right place to spend the golden years becomes paramount. While multiple living options are available, the appeal of retirement apartments has been steadily growing. … Read More

Read how we keep our residents healthy for National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, a time to celebrate and highlight healthy eating, which means we at Cloverland Park Senior Living are taking a moment to highlight all we do to make sure each of our residents lives as healthy a life as possible.   With our Elevate® dining program, we celebrate healthy eating every day. Each community has an experienced … Read More

3 ways to show your heart some love this February

It’s February, which means love is in the air as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches. It’s also American Heart Month, a time to reflect on our heart health and make conscious decisions to care for one of the most critical organs in our bodies. Here are three ways to show your heart some love this month.  According to WebMD, a heart-healthy … Read More

Three ways Cloverland Park can help you reach your New Year’s resolutions

A new year has arrived, which means it is a natural time for many people to reflect and revamp. What in your life has been working, and what could use some change?  At Cloverland Park, we know many seniors are asking themselves, “What do I want my senior years to look like?” Our communities take pride in helping each resident … Read More

Give thanks for healthy living this holiday season!

This season and every season, we are thankful for our amazing residents and staff. The health and well-being of our Cloverland Park family is always our top priority. As we enter the holiday season, we want to share some tips to keep you and your loved ones safe from the flu, COVID and common colds.   Stay active! We make it … Read More

Three tips to make getting older less spooky

Does the thought of getting older have you feeling more “spooked” than normal this Halloween season? Then we have a few simple tips to help you or a loved one take on this stage of life with confidence and cheerfulness. 1. Stay ActiveAt Cloverland Park Senior Living, we thoughtfully design activity calendars based on our residents’ interests and abilities to … Read More

Happy Healthy Aging Month from Cloverland Park Senior Living!

September is Healthy Aging Month! Our team members and associates are committed to making sure each of our residents is feeling their very best, all day every day.   Here are just a few tips to help you age your very best.   Whether you want to do yoga, try a new exercise class or just take a walk, our Vibrant LifeⓇ … Read More

Seven ways to stay healthy during the summer

The heat of the summer months can make it challenging to get outside, get active and stay healthy. And we understand how important it is for our residents not only to stay healthy and active, but to be able to do so in a way that is comfortable for them. That is why Cloverland Park Senior Living offers the Vibrant … Read More